Audio mixing / mastering / engineering / production / tuition / feedback


Audio mixing / mastering / engineering / production / tuition / feedback


Audio mixing / mastering / engineering / production / tuition / feedback


Audio mixing / mastering / engineering / production / tuition / feedback


Getting someone else to mix your track can be incredibly beneficial to the end result. It’s hard to remain objective about your own music – especially if you’ve been working on it for a long time. I’m a mixing engineer with 20 years experience, and will give your mix the polish and attention it deserves.


If you’re already happy with your mix, it’s always worth getting a professional mastering engineer to apply the final touches – EQ, dynamics processing and other processes – which will give your track that pro, finished sound. If you’re making an album or EP, the mastering process will help make the tracks sound like they truly belong together. It’s not all about loudness!


Maybe you want to start recording your band’s album? Or get some great sounding vocals recorded on your track? Perhaps you need someone to record a rehearsal or a gig? I can come to you and capture a high quality recording, which I can mix or you can work on yourself afterwards.


You’ve got a basic demo of a song, but you want to flesh it out into a finished production ready to release. Or perhaps you’ve started a new club track, but you need some fresh ideas to fill it out. I can collaborate with you and turn your ideas into finished tracks, or bring new sounds to tracks you’ve already started.

Tuition and Feedback

You’ve started working with Pro Tools, Ableton Live or Presonus Studio One, and you’re looking for someone to either teach you the basics, or help you step up to a more advanced level. I’ve been teaching both privately and at institutions for ten years, and specialise in one-to-one teaching, either in person or online.


A conscientious professional who wants your tracks to sound every bit as good as you do.

For mixing clients, I provide 24bit .wav or .aif mixdowns, and can provide DAW projects if required.

For mastering clients I can provide 24bit or 16bit .wav or .aif files, as well as DDP images for CD manufacture.

For tuition and feedback clients, I can provide HD videos of our live sessions which you can watch at your leisure.

It’s difficult to write objectively about a producer/recordist who is also now a friend, but the fact that we continue to work with Ant, in both recording and mastering capacities, should speak for itself. Recording is about knowledge and ear, sure, but it’s also about making sure the band are happy and able to perform and making the last album with him was a pleasure.

– Andrew Falkous (Future of the Left)

Ant’s meticulous attention to detail and huge experience in all forms of underground music make for accomplished and productive sessions and an exciting finished product. Would definitely use again – in fact, we did!

– David Callahan (Wolfhounds)

The work Ant did when he mixed and mastered our last album was beyond brilliant. He took the tracks we recorded in our practice space with one £30 microphone and, using what I can only presume was witchcraft, handed us back a wonderful complete thing. Its the best record we have made and it was largely down to him. Will definitely be back for more of the same next time.

– Oli Heffernan (Year of Birds)

Ant mastered a release on my label Bass=Win. His attention to detail and knowledge is second to none. He had the release club ready and pumping within the time scale i needed. Top man, top work.

– Terry Hooligan (Atomic Hooligan / Bass=Win)

Ant has mixed and/or mastered a number of my releases now. I’ve always been hugely impressed by his level of knowledge and patience. His experience and expertise mean that he is easily able to get a feel for what it is I’m trying to do, and use this to bring the best out of whatever I’ve presented him with. He is also extremely reliable, and sends finished work through when he says he will. A talented and approachable producer with an ear for detail.

– Dan Carney (Astronauts / Dark Captain)

Ant was a consummate professional in every possible way during the production and mastering of our album.
His patience, skill, knowledge and experience were consistently apparent and remain much appreciated.
It’s true to say that we were delighted with the finished product and believe that, without such a great producer, we might not have finished the album at all.
Book him.

– Edmund Hornsby (Breakfast of Champions)

Accept no substitutes. I don’t!

– Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer