Mixing Services

Get an experienced, objective pair of ears on your masterpiece

The Challenge

You’ve spent days, weeks or even longer on your song. You’ve gone through endless revisions of arrangement, performance and mixdowns, but you never seem to be able to get the result you want. It could be because you’re too close to the project. As the performer (and possibly also the producer), when you listen to your song you can hear all of the individual parts, and it can be hard to hear it as one cohesive “whole”.¬†

The Solution

That’s where I come in! You send me individual audio stems from your project, and I’ll do a sympathetic, contemporary mix. It will still sound fresh to me, and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some objectivity to the project as well. I often feed back to my mix clients before starting work, as sometimes there may be technical aspects that need addressing before I start